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Welcome To A Muur-Progress Global Support Blog By Your Teddy Muur

**"PRIORITY"-In A Now Cyber/Global Society You Had Better Have Proof Of Your Nationality**


                     *(Make Sure That You Have Proof Of A Way To Separate Your Private/Human/National Life From The Now Cyber/

                                                      Commercial World Reality via Commercial/State I.D's Of Which Have Expiration Dates-"What Is Your Nationality?")

                                                  **(Make Sure That You Know The Meaning Of Words When Contracting In A Now International Global Society Of

                                                     Trade, Commerce And Treaties): 
















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 "Times Are Changing And So Must We"

If You Haven't Noticed, We As A Now "Global Community" Are Being Challenged To "Work Together" If We Are Going To Survive The Challenges That History Has Proven Comes With "Changing The Future Outcome".                              

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Isaac Bey




*Reclaiming Your Nationality

Is A Priority For The American

Aborigine / Muurs / Moors:

*For Muurish/Moorish Interest:

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*North American Aboriginal Banks:

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Moroccan-United States Treaty Of Peace & Friendship 1786

The American Aboriginal Muurs/Moors

Doing International Trade via 

The Treaty of Peace & Friendship

Al-Moroccan-United States (1787) 

Click on the site above for more information as to how to get started

in this "Home Based" business, "Retirement" opportunity.

After clicking on and opening the potential

income calculator above, experiment by

entering the number 8 in the 1st box

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number in the 2nd box(Customers that you

coach and inspire your signups to duplicate).

The potential income is "Mind-Blowing!!!"...

That's Right!!!, "$37,448!!!" ("Per Month!!!") 



Moroccan-United States Treaty Of Peace & Friendship 1786